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Institute for Public Policy Research - ippr north

£460,000 (2003/2012) for development and core costs, £6,700 (2005) for conference on environmental justice.
New grant for January 2013–December 2015: £35,000 for 2013

After a six months development phase funded by MHF in 2003, MHF and the Northern Rock Foundation approved grants to meet the core costs of ippr north between 2003 and 2006. In May 2006 both foundations agreed to continue support for ippr north for a further three years (2006/2009). MHF’s Trustees subsequently agreed to provide further support for ippr north, on a tapering basis, from 2010 to 2012. In May 2012 the Trustees approved a further year grant for three years from January 2013. The core objectives of ippr north are to scrutinise public policy decisions affecting the North, to promote innovative and imaginative contributions to public policy and to help deepen democratic engagement. ippr north has developed a programme of research, seminars and publications to highlight key regional issues and enable input from the North East to national policy. A conference on environmental justice, organised by ippr north and Friends of the Earth, was held in Sunderland in September 2005.

The following is a selection of recent developments:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Housing Demand 2025 – This report provided projections of housing demand in England and its regions and looked at how demand might be distributed across different tenures under different economic scenarios. In 2013 IPPR North will take on responsibility for housing work across the whole of IPPR.
  • Universities and the Future of Regional Economic Development – ippr north was commissioned by Universities UK to explore the role of universities in relation to regional economic development within the emerging policy framework of localism, LEPs, and the aspiration to ‘rebalance the economy’. The project has explored patterns of employment, skills and labour migration; sectoral developments and their implications; the emerging ‘ecosystem’ for innovation and enterprise; and the role of universities in relation to co-funding economic development.
  • Northern Economic Futures Commission – The Commission, for which funding was provided by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, was launched at a conference in May 2011. The Commission’s final report was published in November 2012 and launched at a conference in Leeds at which Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, made a response on behalf of the Government.  Follow-up work includes:
    • An ERDF funded project detailing the specific implications of the Commission’s findings for the North East.
    • The North East as an International Gateway - a project sponsored by the NE Chambers of Commerce, which will look especially at transport issues.
    • Empowering Young Minds through Science - an action research project funded by the chemical company BASF, which brings together school students and companies in the automotive sector.
    • Living with Big Cities -  bringing together some of the local authorities on the periphery of big cities.
  • Labour Localism 2015  -  ippr north was commissioned by the Labour Group of the Local Government Association to produce a think-piece exploring how concepts of localism interact with Labour Party values. The report will feed into a review by a Local Government Association group and into a wider Labour Party review of communities and local government affairs.
  • Borderlands and Community Empowerment - has explored the economic opportunities and threats to the North of England posed by further Scottish devolution. A first report was published to coincide with the visit to Newcastle of Alex Salmond in November 2012. ippr north, in partnership with Durham University, has explored similarities and differences in approaches to community empowerment both sides of the border.
  • The Future of Small grants and Micro Finance  - a report was published in December on innovations in grant funding and micro finance, and the sustainability of VCS organisations. This work was overseen by a working party of sector leaders.

Up to date information about ippr north’s activities and publications can be found on its website.

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