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Our Open Grants Programme is now closed although the Trustees may from time to time decide to invest in interesting or potentially effective ideas that they or the Trust Manager come across. We no longer accept unsolicited grant applications.

Currently we concentrate on supporting Strategic Partners and running our successful Fellowship Scheme which helps develop the skills of North East policy workers.

The Trustees support Strategic Partners over an extended period by giving core funding. Each new partnership is decided after considerable discussion and is based on the Foundation’s experience and observation of the prospective partner at work.

Strategic Partners work on policy and campaigning as an essential rather than an additional part of their core purpose. They tend to work across issues rather than being concentrated on one issue or group of people, though the Trustees do consider varying this criterion. As with all the Foundation’s grants, the work is undertaken in and on behalf of the North East of England.

The Trustees and Trust Manager will seek out new partners when funds permit and may choose to test a relationship by funding for a limited period until it is clear whether or not there is potential for a longer-term partnership.

The Trustees will also continue to run their highly successful Fellowship scheme which offers experienced policy workers the opportunity to enhance their skills normally, but not exclusively, with IPPR North (one of the Foundation’s Strategic Partners).