We are a Living Wage Funder

Living Wage Funders work together to end low pay in the Voluntary and Community sector. Thousands of charities and funders have already embraced the Living Wage across the UK

As a Foundation whose primary concern is to tackle social and economic inequality, MHF has always supported the concept of the Living Wage. The Living Wage Foundation has made it possible for us to show our support visibly and with commitment by setting up a scheme called Living Wage Funders. 

Being a Living Wage Funder means that we ask all our grant holders to pay at least the Living Wage to all their employees. Our grants will reflect this desire.

We have been a Living Wage Funder since May 2017. We are delighted to be part of the growing group of trusts and foundations which have adopted a policy of advocating for and paying the Living Wage.

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